Health is one of the important things in everybody’s life. And when it comes to bloom with good health, we strongly focus on our clients to lead them with a healthy life by keeping their fitness level up. Have a look to our clients’ fitness stories that transformed their health journey.

Kalpesh Barevadia

Hi, I am Kalpesh, and I have been suffering from back pain and cervical pain. When I consulted to doctor, he recommended Dr. Sandhya Bhambhani, who is a physiotherapist at Health Hustle. And I must say that the physiotherapy sessions I have got are worth it. Even in such COVID-19 pandemic, Healthy Hustle assisted me in my fitness journey via an online fitness program.

I suggest Healthy Hustle health and fitness center to everyone who is suffering from back pain and seeking personal training in Ahmedabad.

Dhruvkant Amin

Hi, I am Dhruvkant Amin. I was suffering from severe knee pain and back pain. When I got introduced to Mr. Mayank, I started getting a consistent training process to achieve strong physical fitness.

Being 40+ it was difficult for me to perform workouts as the body is stiff at this age. But, based on the suggestions and workout plans by Mayank, I have achieved fantastic flexibility and strength in my body. I would say that Mayank and his team are professional fitness trainers who are very much intellectual when it comes to holding knowledge about health and fitness.

Sonal Thakkar

Hi, I am Sonal Thakkar, I just want to share my daughter’s fitness training experience. When I came to know about Mayank, I just engaged him for personal fitness training at my home, especially for my daughter.

I must say that he is a truly positive and inspiring personality who is not only given the confidence to perform exercises, health advice, and nutrition tips but is also supported mentally and physically to achieve a long-term fitness goal. If you are looking for a fitness journey, I recommend joining Healthy Hustle.

Shreya Madhani

I have been overweight in my entire life, but working out on a daily basis was really difficult for me. But, when i started suffering from a lower spine injury, then I finally decided to get into the fitness journey to eliminate pain.

I got continuous recommendations about Mayank. And based on my training experience with Mayank, I can confidently say that the way he has pushed me to achieve a proper workout routine is just outstanding. His knowledge and ability to understand client’s fitness needs is appreciable.