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Healthy Hustle was founded by Mayank Chhunchha – the fitness coach, and nutritionist. Mayank with his dream project Healthy Hustle intends to bring the most dynamic team of professional wellness coaches at your doorstep to get you in shape.

At Healthy Hustle: we aim to provide fitness training and education to everyone who is a beginner in the fitness journey and who has the enthusiasm to be fit and healthy. To nurture your pathway to health and fitness, we emphasize introducing innovative exercises and systems that work for people of all ages.

No matter whether you want to shape your body at home or need an in-person trainer at our center; to treat your body well, we have designed customized workout programs at your convenience.

In the times, where the COVID – 19 pandemic gave us all a purpose to make ourselves healthier, we think that it’s all about executing fitness activities wisely and strategically.

We, the team of fitness coaches, physical therapists, and nutritionists are all set to assist you with your bodily demands in terms of physical and mental wellbeing.

With our motive to aware people of facts and myths of health and nutrition at their doorstep, we are on a mission to provide you with a comprehensive fitness education.

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I have been overweight my entire life, but working out on a daily basis was really difficult for me. But, when I started suffering from a lower spine injury, then I finally decided to get into the fitness journey to eliminate pain.

Shreya Madhani

I must say that he is a truly positive and inspiring personality who is not only given the confidence to perform exercises, health advice, and nutrition tips but is also supported mentally and physically to achieve a long-term fitness goal. If you are looking for a fitness journey, I recommend joining Healthy Hustle.

Sonal Thakkar

Hi, I am Kalpesh, and I have been suffering from back pain and cervical pain. When I consulted to doctor, he recommended Dr. Sandhya Bhambhani, who is a physiotherapist at Health Hustle.

Kalpesh Barevadia

Hi, I am Dhruvkant Amin. I was suffering from severe knee pain and back pain. When I got introduced to Mr. Mayank (strength & conditioning coach at Health Hustle), I started getting a consistent training process to achieve strong physical fitness.

Dhruvkant Amin

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Vijay Barot
Martial Arts
  • Vijay Barot is a martial art instructor with 5 years of professional expertise.
  • His specialties include a Black belt in Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do, and Hapkido.
  • He is an ISSA Certified Fitness Nutritionist, ISSA Certified Fitness Trainer, and Certified CPR.
  • Interestingly, Vijay has completed his bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice (USA) and holds a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.
  • Additionally, he holds expertise in sports such as Kickboxing, MMA, and Self Defence.
Mayank Chhunchha (Founder)
Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Mayank is a founder of HEALTHY HUSTLE.
  • He has been working as an ISSA personal trainer in Ahmedabad since 2014.
  • Mayank holds ISSA strength & conditioning certification, Prehab certification, CPR certification, and is an ISSA Sports Nutritionist.
  • Interestingly, Mayank is also a celebrity trainer who has trained some of the famous personalities such as Sangram Singh, Yash Soni, Maulik, RJ Kunal etc.
Dr. Sandhaya Bhambhani
  • Dr. Sandhya Bhambhani a certified PILOXING fitness instructor holding a good hand in Zumba fitness training as well.
  • In addition to Piloxing fitness, Dr. Bhambhani is certified in Clinical 1 STOTT Pilates which is a cardiovascular exercise program that covers musculoskeletal conditioning.
  • She is also certified in Kinesio Taping Basic 1 which is a taping technique program to provide strength and stability to muscles and joints.
  • If we talk about her educational background, she has pursued a Bachelor’s of Physiotherapy and currently pursuing Masters of Physiotherapy in Sports.
  • Her professional experience includes – 3 Months of the Internship program at CIMS, and has worked at Civil Asarwa (IPD/OPD) as well as at Mission Health.